Fellow Virgoes (not Virgins…)

Fellow Virgoes (not Virgins…)

September 16th, 2011

On my birthday, I’d usually write a rather reflective, and often solemn post. I guess that’s part of growing up and trying to find my place in the world. Before that, I’d usually climb out to the roof of my house back in Cheras and spend the night looking at the stars. Now that I live in a 13-storey building, getting to the roof is a bit challenging (and perhaps a bit more intimidating) than last time.

So today, I’m gonna do something a little different and Wiki up to see if I happen to share my birthday with some interesting people. I have to admit, some names in the list actually surprised me. So here goes:

David Copperfield (b. 1956)

He is perhaps the most famous magician and illusionist of the 20th century, and anyone born in the 80’s would know his name. I’ve been a big fan of his shows, and it always irks me to know that he will never perform in Malaysia.

Richard Marx (b. 1963)

“Right Here Waiting” and “Now and Forever”. These two songs were like the most popular songs of my childhood. You’d always hear them on the radio, in restaurants, you name it. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you were just born too late.

Hiroya Oku (b. 1967)

The author of the motherfucking Gantz manga. Enough said.

Jules Bass (b. 1935)

Together with Arthur Rankin Jr he formed the production company now known as Rankin/Bass. In case the name still eludes you, he’s the co-creator and executive producer of the original Thundercats back in 1985. HO! (although the bulk of the credits for this one goes to Leonard Starr, for writing most of the story, lol.) Now, someone get me a Thundercats t-shirt. Please?

Lee Kuan Yew (b. 1923)

Don’t pretend you don’t know this fella. I guess this is when I get to say that the ‘dictator’ label that got stuck on me was pretty much written in the stars.

Malaysia (b. 1963)

Last, but not least. On this day 48 years ago, our beloved Malaysia was formed with the unification of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore (who later decided to fuck off). Malaysians by and large have been ignoring this day until 2008 when Malaysians of all shapes and sizes gathered to celebrate Hari Malaysia for the first time in history.

As for me, well, the best has yet to come and I’m looking forward to it.

Youth is a wonderful thing.
What a crime to waste it on children.

George Bernard Shaw
simon says:

have a good bday dude!

adyla says:

happy bday sempai. :) God Bless.

Ganaesh D. says:

Fellow… Virginians?

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