Malaysia Day 2008 [Part 1]

September 16th, 2008

Small Talk:
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Today is probably the first time Malaysians officially celebrated Malaysia Day en masse. I went to MBPJ Stadium at Kelana Jaya because I was feeling trigger happy and I figured I could pop a couple of good shots there. And boy was it a sight.

I arrived early, somewhere around 6 PM. I decided to come early so I could survey the area, estimate exposure, arrange compositions and pretty much the usual things people do on recon missions [I believe after going to similar events a couple more times, recons will become unnecessary]. There wasn’t much going on, in fact the crowd only started coming in around 7 PM. Thankfully there was a restaurant that served some pretty good food and helped myself to a bowl of Sup Gearbox [cow knee soup] for buka puasa.

After that I went inside to check things out a bit.

The committees were busy setting up mats for prayers that night. Apparently Maghrib, Isyak, Hajat and Tarawih prayers was part of the itinerary. The crowd was steadily trickling in and filling up the stadium seats so I decided to step outside and check things out.

Business was booming and it was absolutely lively with people selling food, books, videos, even belts and random toys!

Back inside, hundreds of muslims were dutifully praying out on the field, while everyone else just respectfully minded their own business finding seats and exchanging gossip and information. High up were bloggers and journalists with their laptops, probably reporting live from the scene. I’m not so sure if the stadium has Wifi, though.

About 9.30 PM, the prayers come to an end, and the first of the VIPs arrive at the scene to cheers and applause. The early bird was none other than Uncle Lim Kit Siang and Mr Lim Guan Eng. It was then that the crowd really started flooding in.

And flood in they did.

More pictures in the next Malaysia Day post!

Albert Ng says:

Sweet! Almost feels like I’m there. :D

Naoko says:

The stadium has no Wi-fi, but if you are enterprising enough, you can setup your comp to get the signal from the Starbucks nearby in KJ Giant.

Also, wow! Fantastic pics!

AL says:

Very good photos!

Will highlight your post in our website
and link our readers back to your blog to view your photos.

All the best!

Silencers: Wah, thanks!

Ganaesh says:

Damn. Some of these pics are… epic. Like the en masse terawikh prayers.

And the stall selling air jagung. :P Moar pics plz kthx.

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